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Health informatics : transforming healthcare with technology

posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by M Conrick
In today's healthcare system the most pervasive and transformational tool is information technology - its efficient use is an essential skill for all health workers. Health Informatics: Transforming Healthcare with Technology discusses health information systems and contains diverse case studies and stories from policy makers, managers, academics, clinicians and those working in outback clinics. The text concludes by pushing the boundaries into genomics and by outlining the future direction of information technology in the healthcare system. Health Informatics is essential reading for students and healthcare workers across all health disciplines and is a valuable resource for those considering implementing health information systems into their practices or institutions. Technology is one of the most pervasive and ubiquitous tools in healthcare today. It is not only transforming healthcare but also the professions within it. This book provides the background and skills necessary to understand the collection, storage, retrieval, communication and optimal use of health-related data, information and knowledge. - publisher description.


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