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Handbook of research on science education

posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by S Abell, N Lederman
This state-of-the art research handbook provides a comprehensive, coherent, current synthesis of the empirical and theoretical research concerning teaching and learning in science and lays down a foundation upon which future research can be built. Structured to highlight recent trends in the field, the volume is organized around five themes: Science Learning; Culture, Gender, and Society and Science Learning; Science Teaching; Curriculum and Assessment in Science; and Science Teacher Education. The contributors, all leading experts in their research areas, represent the international and gender diversity that exists in the science education research community. Each chapter presents an integrative review of the research on the topic it addresses—pulling together the existing research, working to understand the historical trends and patterns in that body of scholarship, describing how the issue is conceptualized within the literature, how methods and theories have shaped the outcomes of the research, and where the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps are in the literature. Chapters conclude with implications for practice and proposed agendas for future research. As a whole, the Handbook of Research on Science Education demonstrates that science education is alive and well and illustrates its vitality. It is an essential resource for the entire science education community, including veteran and emerging researchers, university faculty, graduate students, practitioners in the schools, and science education professionals outside of universities.


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