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Haematology and palliative care : towards an integrated practice

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Pamela McgrathPamela Mcgrath, Hamish HolewaHamish Holewa
This booklet addresses well documented concerns that palliative care is still not appropriately integrated into haematology. It presents a trilogy of models, Functional, Evolving and Refractory, that outline factors influencing the integration of palliative care and haematology. This booklet points the way forward by sharing the wisdom of those who have successfully identified problems and found solutions. The hope and expectation is that the insights outlined will go some way to ensuring that haematology patients and their families are given the benefits of compassionate, best practice palliative care. This is especially important during the difficult time of dealing with the challenges imposed by the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness.


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International Program of Psycho-Social Health Research (IPP-SHR)

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