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Business focus preliminary

posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Michael HorsleyMichael Horsley, N Terry-Armstrong, I Biddle, R Mulas, S Anderson
Business Focus Preliminary incorporates the best practices in teaching and learning in a new series that reflects the revised Business Studies syllabus.The Business Focus author team has a wealth of experience in teaching, curriculum and research. This text reflects the best practice in teaching business studies to NSW students as well as closely being aligned to the syllabus.The student books are full colour, written in a student-friendly manner, with the most up-todate information available. Case studies throughout the book help students to understand the content they are learning, while a major case study for each chapter contextualises the chapter and assists students with preparing for assessment and exams.Unit reviews enable students to revise, consolidate, research and explore Business Studies material. The chapter review is set out in the style of an HSC exam, helping students to familiarise themselves with and prepare for the HSC.


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