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Mark this record 1 Grasping force estimation recognizing object slippage by tactile data using neural network 2
Mark this record 2 The social impacts of natural resource use and condition : the invisible dimension of coastal resource management 2
Mark this record 3 The pollination biology of Papaw (Carica papaya L.) in Central Queensland 2
Mark this record 4 Remote monitoring of hydraulic point machines for fault diagnosis 2
Mark this record 5 Exploring the role of relationship marketing between universities and education agents : a case study analysis 2
Mark this record 6 Green is the new black : are CSR and sustainable business just fads? 2
Mark this record 7 Study on using noise for development of active steering control system of rail vehicle 2
Mark this record 8 An investigation into the ten percent fines test and other tests used to determine the strength of road making aggregates 2
Mark this record 9 Active steering control system of a rail vehicle based on the analysis of the sound radiation 2
Mark this record 10 Performance improvement of an internal combustion engine 1
Mark this record 11 What hinders the BIM adoption in Singapore an empirical study 1
Mark this record 12 The reciprocity of employee engagement a study of university academics 1
Mark this record 13 Medical tourism quality for sustainability : a case study of India 1
Mark this record 14 Vibration Power Flow in Orthotropic Plates using Structural Intensity Technique 1
Mark this record 15 Utilization of waste products as alternative fuels for cement industry 1
Mark this record 16 Enhancing sensitivity of glucose biosensors using pulsed deposition of polypyrrole on ITO substrate 1
Mark this record 17 Service provider attributes in exit service encounter personnel in supermarkets 1
Mark this record 18 Measurement of dilute volatile organic compounds in air 1
Mark this record 19 Building innovation capabilities in SMEs through virtual and knowledge networks 1
Mark this record 20 Operationalising word-of-mouth referrals : the WOMBAT model 1
Mark this record 21 Years 1-10 mathematics syllabus : support document (years 1-7) for Queensland primary schools 1
Mark this record 22 Emerging trends in evidence-based quality assurance 1
Mark this record 23 Wagon model acceptance procedure using Australian standards 1
Mark this record 24 Longitudinal train dynamics during indexer train unloading operations 1
Mark this record 25 Impact of renewable energy in the future smart power system 1
Mark this record 26 Socioeconomic trends in engineering: enrollment, persistence, and academic achievement 1
Mark this record 27 Good practice guidelines for managing, supervising and assessing final year engineering projects 1
Mark this record 28 Enabling academic engagement with graduate attributes through communities of practice 1
Mark this record 29 Black engineering transfer students : what explains their success? 1
Mark this record 30 Molecular investigation of cellular immunity in marsupials 1
Mark this record 31 Review of non-edible biofuel resources in Australia for second generation (2G) biofuel conversion 1
Mark this record 32 Benevolence, integrity and competence dimensions of trust in internet banking / 1
Mark this record 33 An exploratory determination of the effect of a male pheromone on the product choice of females 1
Mark this record 34 Competency development today and beyond releasing the full potential of simulators to support the progression of train driver expertise 1
Mark this record 35 Sustainable use of MOODLE as a learning management system within a school context 1
Mark this record 36 An exploratory approach to managing a portfolio of relationships in supply chains in Australia 1
Mark this record 37 Life cycle management of railway bridges : defect management 1
Mark this record 38 Influence of pre-saturation of recycled concrete used in the concrete mix 1
Mark this record 39 Analysis of failure and mechanical properties of bamboo rings subjected to diametrical compression 1
Mark this record 40 Predicting referral and retention behaviour using a Dependable Customer Indicator 1
Mark this record 41 Review on the existing and developing underground coal gasification techniques in abandoned coal seam gas blocks Australia and global context / 1
Mark this record 42 Introducing the fourth constraint in project management : Project Carbon Footprint Management 1
Mark this record 43 This record does not have a title. 1
Mark this record 44 A real time code generator for power electronic applications and implementation of PWM converter control strategies 1
Mark this record 45 Use of strategic alliance along the wine industry value chain 1
Mark this record 46 Early detection of wheel flats using wagon body acceleration measurements 1
Mark this record 47 The five Ps of mixed methods research 1
Mark this record 48 Review of CO2 Capture Technologies for Power Plant Application 1
Mark this record 49 Evaluation of bogie suspension test system : hi-lab 1
Mark this record 50 Strategic engagement hearing the voice of young workers in the development of the Youth Work Health and Safety Strategy for South Australia / 1