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Mark this record 1 The problems of transporting and packaging of fruits and vegetables in Bangladesh 8
Mark this record 2 Government research evaluations and academic freedom : a UK and Australian comparison 7
Mark this record 3 Servant Leadership and Safety Citizenship Behavior 7
Mark this record 4 Accounting for research : academic responses to research performance demands in an Australian university 6
Mark this record 5 Working (in) formation : conceptualizing information literacy in the workplace 5
Mark this record 6 Potential of Beauty Leaf Tree (Calophyllum inophyllum L) as a biodiesel feedstock 5
Mark this record 7 Influence of Wasta within human resource practices in Lebanese universities 5
Mark this record 8 An examination of the consumer buying behaviour of single-parent households 5
Mark this record 9 Effect of wheel-rail contacts and track gauge variation on hunting behaviours of Australian three-piece bogie wagon 4
Mark this record 10 Rail grinding quality assurance based on profile correction and RCF control 4
Mark this record 11 Learning and earning : graduate skills for an uncertain future 4
Mark this record 12 Direct revegetation of coal tailings at BHP-Saraji mine (Central Queensland) 4
Mark this record 13 A study of the compressive strength of concrete containing fly ash as a partial replacement of fine aggregate and cement 4
Mark this record 14 Problematic use of smartphones in the workplace : an introductory study 4
Mark this record 15 Australian corporate collapse : the case of HIH 4
Mark this record 16 Key reasons for medical travel from Bangladesh to India 4
Mark this record 17 Optimisation of driving strategies for long coal trains 3
Mark this record 18 Accounting for research in an Australian public sector university : a case study on the impact of Excellence in Research for Australia 3
Mark this record 19 Face recognition : a new feature selection and classification technique 3
Mark this record 20 Medical tourism quality for sustainability : a case study of India 3
Mark this record 21 American materialism, consumerism and social values : a sociologial analysis of social issues and value priorities 3
Mark this record 22 Planning and design of bulk material handling system for a coal export terminal at Reglan Creek 3
Mark this record 23 Queensland consumers' willingness to pay for electricity from renewable energy sources 3
Mark this record 24 Prediction of wheel-rail contact forces based on a heavy haul locomotive dynamic inverse modelling 3
Mark this record 25 A MATLAB/Simulink model of a self excited induction generator for an electrical brake application 3
Mark this record 26 Undergraduate nursing students and mental health nursing : preparedness, attitudes, and clinical placement experiences 3
Mark this record 27 Path analysis technique for strategic irrigation management under adverse climatic conditions 3
Mark this record 28 The construction of gender, sexuality and desire in Italo Calvino's works 3
Mark this record 29 Data visualisation self-explanatory systems in intelligent game inference engines 3
Mark this record 30 Compensating for cognitive deficits in students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 3
Mark this record 31 Professional enlightenment of financial planning in Australia 3
Mark this record 32 Early detection of rail squats using eddy current inspection 3
Mark this record 33 Information literacy and lifelong learning : the magical partnership 3
Mark this record 34 'Where do we start...? : an Indigenisation strategy for the university 3
Mark this record 35 The impact of a vertical timetable on the school community a case study in Queensland secondary schools / 3
Mark this record 36 Teacher-as-bricoleur : implications for teacher education 3
Mark this record 37 Corporate voluntary emissions disclosure in Australia : a multi-theoretical accounting perspective 3
Mark this record 38 A framework for academic staff online course development 3
Mark this record 39 Indian Government Policy to Support Trade in Medical Tourism Services 3
Mark this record 40 Realizing the potential of the ambidextrous firm 3
Mark this record 41 Benevolence, integrity and competence dimensions of trust in internet banking / 3
Mark this record 42 Urinalyses and body mass changes during an ultra-distance endurance event the Simpson Desert cycle challenge / 3
Mark this record 43 A Case study of cross cultural communication issues for Filipino call centre staff and their Australian customers 3
Mark this record 44 Effect of cutting tool nose radius on surface roughness for Stellite 6 machining using coated carbide insert 3
Mark this record 45 Towards energy efficient building assets review on sub-tropical climate 3
Mark this record 46 Reactor solutions for voltage control of SWER systems 3
Mark this record 47 Videos that click : helping bridging mathematics students make the connection 2
Mark this record 48 Richard Beckett and Sam Orr talk about food 2
Mark this record 49 Financial and non-financial indicators of business success a study of Australian and Malaysian SME entrepeneurs 2
Mark this record 50 Unlearning as a lifelong learning strategy : an important pathway for transitions 2