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Mark this record 1 Problematic use of smartphones in the workplace : an introductory study 127
Mark this record 2 Biomass supported solar thermal hybrid power plant for continuous electricity generation from renewable sources 120
Mark this record 3 An investigation into the ten percent fines test and other tests used to determine the strength of road making aggregates 92
Mark this record 4 Influence of Wasta within human resource practices in Lebanese universities 81
Mark this record 5 A Case study of cross cultural communication issues for Filipino call centre staff and their Australian customers 81
Mark this record 6 A MATLAB/Simulink model of a self excited induction generator for an electrical brake application 78
Mark this record 7 The pollination biology of Papaw (Carica papaya L.) in Central Queensland 75
Mark this record 8 Analysing the impact of advertising in the soft drink market of Mauritius : the case study of Coca-Cola 70
Mark this record 9 Learning and earning : graduate skills for an uncertain future 67
Mark this record 10 The construction of gender, sexuality and desire in Italo Calvino's works 63
Mark this record 11 Studies on dieback of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) in central Queensland 57
Mark this record 12 Campus energy audit & management : final year project 56
Mark this record 13 The impact of the global financial crisis on consumer behaviour 52
Mark this record 14 Effect of cutting tool nose radius on surface roughness for Stellite 6 machining using coated carbide insert 52
Mark this record 15 Performance improvement of an internal combustion engine 51
Mark this record 16 Antecedents and consequences of service quality in a higher education context 50
Mark this record 17 Performance of bitumen treated base (BTB) pavement 50
Mark this record 18 Nurses in assisted reproductive technology 48
Mark this record 19 Strategic value of mobile CRM applications a review of mobile CRM at Dow Corning and DirecTV / 47
Mark this record 20 Balanced scorecard implementation in australian companies : an exploratory study of current corporate practice and strategic intent 45
Mark this record 21 Experimental investigation and assessment of renewable energy integration into the grid 45
Mark this record 22 Community service learning and reflection insights from two case studies / 45
Mark this record 23 The recognition of marketing of spiritual tourism as a significant new area in leisure travel 42
Mark this record 24 The problems of transporting and packaging of fruits and vegetables in Bangladesh 41
Mark this record 25 Acid mine drainage from the historic Mt Morgan gold mine devastating to river water quality, and fish 40
Mark this record 26 Autoecological role of steviol glycosides in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni 39
Mark this record 27 Skin deep social perceptions towards tattooed individuals / 38
Mark this record 28 Assessment of alternative waste technologies for energy recovery from solid waste in Australia 38
Mark this record 29 Sustainable use of MOODLE as a learning management system within a school context 37
Mark this record 30 Writing about food : significance, opportunities and professional identities 37
Mark this record 31 An examination of the consumer buying behaviour of single-parent households 37
Mark this record 32 The impact of computer-based accounting system on Malaysian public sector agencies 36
Mark this record 33 History of cyclones on the Capricorn Coast 35
Mark this record 34 Information systems decision making : factors affecting decision makers and outcomes 35
Mark this record 35 Urinalyses and body mass changes during an ultra-distance endurance event the Simpson Desert cycle challenge / 35
Mark this record 36 Australian corporate collapse : the case of HIH 35
Mark this record 37 Wheel impacts at insulated rail joints 34
Mark this record 38 Managing clumps of Dendrocalamus asper in Bukidnon, the Philippines 34
Mark this record 39 Servant Leadership and Safety Citizenship Behavior 34
Mark this record 40 RCF Quantification towards rail grinding best practices for Australian heavy haul rail / 33
Mark this record 41 A continuous innovation framework : some thoughts for consideration 33
Mark this record 42 Using mixed methods in an interpretive paradigm for cross cultural health education research 33
Mark this record 43 Phytoplasma diseases of papaya (Carica papaya L.) in Australia phytoplasma classification, pathology and transmission / 32
Mark this record 44 Years 1-10 mathematics syllabus : support document (years 1-7) for Queensland primary schools 32
Mark this record 45 Regeneration, micropropagation and somatic embryogenesis in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) 31
Mark this record 46 Students' learning in science lessons : responses to discrepant events 30
Mark this record 47 Exploring the content of teachers' feedback: what are teachers actually providing to students 30
Mark this record 48 Emotional labour and identity work of men in caring roles 30
Mark this record 49 Rainbow suits at work : disclosure and discrimination in the workplace against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex employees 29
Mark this record 50 Analysis of field data to develop rail wear prediction model 29