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Mark this record 1 Working (in) formation : conceptualizing information literacy in the workplace 20
Mark this record 2 Leadership for dynamic learning communities 11
Mark this record 3 Learning and earning : graduate skills for an uncertain future 10
Mark this record 4 Promoting an effective learning environment whilst considering the realities of a practice setting 9
Mark this record 5 Assessment of alternative waste technologies for energy recovery from solid waste in Australia 9
Mark this record 6 Problematic use of smartphones in the workplace : an introductory study 9
Mark this record 7 Queensland consumers' willingness to pay for electricity from renewable energy sources 8
Mark this record 8 Strategic project management for product innovation projects : how project strategy aligns project capabilities with project contingencies to drive project success 8
Mark this record 9 Balanced scorecard implementation in australian companies : an exploratory study of current corporate practice and strategic intent 7
Mark this record 10 The pollination biology of Papaw (Carica papaya L.) in Central Queensland 7
Mark this record 11 The recognition of marketing of spiritual tourism as a significant new area in leisure travel 7
Mark this record 12 Marketing communications for organic food products development and validation of two models leading to purchase intent / 7
Mark this record 13 Preventing design error in control room systems : a human factors approach 7
Mark this record 14 "Here's something to ease your pain" : community and the response to Rockhampton's Lakes Creek Meatworks crisis, 2002 6
Mark this record 15 Event-triggered mixed H-infinity and passive control of linear systems via dynamic output feedback 6
Mark this record 16 Bamboo in the global and Australian contexts 6
Mark this record 17 Analysis of the economic policies of foreign direct investment (FDI) : a case study of Libya 6
Mark this record 18 Development of a software tool under AS61000.3.7, to provide assessment of voltage flicker caused by fluctuating loads 6
Mark this record 19 Medical tourism quality for sustainability : a case study of India 6
Mark this record 20 Thinking and working scientifically : the role of analogical and mental models 5
Mark this record 21 Examples of the use of transputers in image processing and analog data acquisition 5
Mark this record 22 Operationalizing Queensland's Smart State policy through teacher's work : an analysis of discourses in a Central Queensland school 5
Mark this record 23 Food, coal or gas? community action, land-use conflict and procedural fairness in the Surat Basin, Queensland 5
Mark this record 24 Tackling the 'Indigenous Industry' : Submission to the Senate Finance and Public Administration Reference Committee : Inquiry into Commonwealth Indigenous Advancement Strategy Tendering Processes 5
Mark this record 25 An examination of differences between corporate environmental disclosure practices within voluntary and mandatory disclosure systems in Australia 5
Mark this record 26 Culture strategies for redclaw, Cherax quadricarinatus (von Martens, 1868) (Decapoda: Parastacidae) and silver perch, Bidyanus bidyanus (Mitchell, 1838) (Perciformes: Teraponidae) natural foods and artificial shelters 5
Mark this record 27 Information literacy and lifelong learning : the magical partnership 5
Mark this record 28 A continuous innovation framework : some thoughts for consideration 5
Mark this record 29 Cultural Competence in Indigenous Australian Social Work 5
Mark this record 30 Can Australian bush fire fighters accurately self-monitor their cognitive performance during a 3-day simulated fire-ground campaign? 5
Mark this record 31 Taxonomy and ecology of toxin producing Limnothrix 5
Mark this record 32 Understanding how prospective university students first learnt of Central Queensland University 5
Mark this record 33 Methodology for optimisation of draft gear design using Particle Swarm Optimisation 5
Mark this record 34 Wagon dynamics from a combination of faults and external forces 5
Mark this record 35 Nurses in assisted reproductive technology 5
Mark this record 36 Emergency mental health triage models of care and future directions 5
Mark this record 37 Effects of small time-delays on dynamic output feedback control of offshore steel jacket structures subject to wave-induced forces 5
Mark this record 38 Cultivated bamboo in the Northern Territory of Australia 5
Mark this record 39 Parametric studies on crashworthiness of Australian rolling stocks using multi-body dynamics modelling 5
Mark this record 40 Reproductive health care services: 5
Mark this record 41 Conceptual framework to improve big data flow in a construction project 5
Mark this record 42 Cease and resist! Exploring resistance to technology in the rail environment 5
Mark this record 43 Study on heavy haul locomotive behaviour under a bogie traction control strategy with the presence of wheel diameter difference within a bogie 4
Mark this record 44 Quantized set-membership filtering with communication constraints 4
Mark this record 45 FEA to assess railhead material damage with a reference to nylon endpost material of insulated rail joints 4
Mark this record 46 38P.MAMS : a unified approach for assessing e-readiness of SMEs 4
Mark this record 47 Improving productivity of a previously unmanaged Bambusa blumeana plantation for culms and shoots in Ilocos Norte, the Philippines 4
Mark this record 48 Finding a unique association rule mining algorithm based on data characteristics 4
Mark this record 49 Analysis of hybrid classification approach to differentiate dense and non-dense grass regions 4
Mark this record 50 Safe medication administration by nursing students : pharmacology in a nursing curriculum - an initial review of literature 4