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Mark this record 1 Interactions of marine debris with selected seabird species of Eastern Australia and the application of an ecological risk matrix 1181
Mark this record 2 The construction of gender, sexuality and desire in Italo Calvino's works 1147
Mark this record 3 A Holistic approach to accountability: measuring outcomes of economic development funding in northern Canadian Aboriginal communities 868
Mark this record 4 Problematic use of smartphones in the workplace [electronic resource] : an introductory study. / 757
Mark this record 5 Assessment of alternative waste technologies for energy recovery from solid waste in Australia 725
Mark this record 6 Influence of Wasta within human resource practices in Lebanese universities 651
Mark this record 7 The military media of ‘The Islamic Resistance’ - the military mrm of Hezbollah history, messages, and objectives 598
Mark this record 8 Studies on dieback of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) in central Queensland 593
Mark this record 9 The confluence of tree and reproductive plant water relations during floral and fruit development in macadamia 579
Mark this record 10 Neural network based ensemble classifier for digital mammography 541
Mark this record 11 Utilization of waste products as alternative fuels for cement industry 537
Mark this record 12 Distributed H∞ filtering for networked systems over sensor networks 532
Mark this record 13 The potential of Theravada Buddhism to enhance cultural tourism in Pattaya, Thailand 517
Mark this record 14 Phytoplankton ecology of the Tweed River catchment with special reference to toxin-producining cyanoprokaryotes 513
Mark this record 15 Cercariae of intertidal nassariid gastropods taxonomy, specificity and ecology / 484
Mark this record 16 An investigation into the role of oxalate in the leaves of Pisonia grandis 458
Mark this record 17 Everybody’s business self-management of diabetes among a cohort of culturally and linguistically diverse individuals in regional Australia / 457
Mark this record 18 The last statue : identifying trends in young adult fiction in order to support the writing of a young adult novel featuring a fictional language 438
Mark this record 19 Reconceptualising mentoring using triads in pre-service teacher education professional placements 429
Mark this record 20 Dreaming the posthuman in cyberspace war of the worlds and the return of the un/real in Tron: Legacy / 427
Mark this record 21 Antecedents and consequences of service quality in a higher education context 412
Mark this record 22 Experimental investigation and assessment of renewable energy integration into the grid 400
Mark this record 23 A novel hybrid method for solar power prediction 398
Mark this record 24 Reduction of CO² emissions in coal-fired power plants for achieving a sustainable environment 390
Mark this record 25 The effect of playing massively multiplayer online role playing games on interpersonal relationship quality [electronic resource] 371
Mark this record 26 The activist life of Dr Janet Irwin and my activist response in researching and writing her story 370
Mark this record 27 An investigation into the ten percent fines test and other tests used to determine the strength of road making aggregates 366
Mark this record 28 Analysis of the economic policies of foreign direct investment (FDI) a case study of Libya / 356
Mark this record 29 Ecologically engineered primary production in Central Queensland, Australia : integrated fish and crayfish culture, constructed wetlands, floral hydorponics, and industrial wastewater 355
Mark this record 30 Investigation of the dynamics of railway bogies subjected to traction/braking torque 352
Mark this record 31 Eco-literacy the "missing paradigm" in environmental education / 349
Mark this record 32 Growing your own building research capability in higher education / 344
Mark this record 33 Evaluation and modelling performance of capping layer in rail track substructure 344
Mark this record 34 ‘Children off the couch’ the efficacy of a curriculum-supported, web-based walking challenge to increase children’s participation in physical activity and improve psychosocial correlates of physical activity / 339
Mark this record 35 Preventing design error in control room systems : a human factors approach 330
Mark this record 36 Experiences of Chinese academics working at an Australian regional university an embedded case study / 325
Mark this record 37 The pollination biology of Papaw (Carica papaya L.) in Central Queensland 325
Mark this record 38 The impact of stressors on the sleep of elite athletes 317
Mark this record 39 'Tis all a chequerboard early ABC documentary filmmakers tell their stories / 315
Mark this record 40 The relationship between the commercial orientation, organisation, organisational culture and social performance of community finance organisations in Victoria, Australia 309
Mark this record 41 Developing and evaluating smartphone applications to improve health behaviours and chronic disease self-management 307
Mark this record 42 A sociological study of Indigenous adolescent offending in Queensland 304
Mark this record 43 Inplane response of wide spaced reinforced masonry shear walls 301
Mark this record 44 Exploring the curriculum as a source of learning that prepares nursing students to cope with wqorkplace adversity 297
Mark this record 45 Ensuring track safety and reducing unnecessary train speed restrictions in hot weather by the application of a unified track stability management tool 296
Mark this record 46 Abrasion failure of lining rubber on agitator blades in the leaching circuit of mineral processing industries 288
Mark this record 47 Dreamtime Cultural Centre : a grounded theory of doing business in an indigenous tourism enterprise 288
Mark this record 48 The teaching internship : a shared journey of professional relationships 287
Mark this record 49 Optimisation of machining processes design for Stellite 6, a wear resistant and difficult-to-machine material 282
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