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Mark this record 1 Working (in) formation : conceptualizing information literacy in the workplace 108
Mark this record 2 Problematic use of smartphones in the workplace : an introductory study 48
Mark this record 3 An investigation into the ten percent fines test and other tests used to determine the strength of road making aggregates 45
Mark this record 4 Studies on dieback of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) in central Queensland 45
Mark this record 5 Strategic value of mobile CRM applications a review of mobile CRM at Dow Corning and DirecTV / 42
Mark this record 6 Assessment of alternative waste technologies for energy recovery from solid waste in Australia 33
Mark this record 7 The pollination biology of Papaw (Carica papaya L.) in Central Queensland 33
Mark this record 8 Learning and earning : graduate skills for an uncertain future 32
Mark this record 9 Drawing on knowledge to plan : activity theory to aid facilitators' knowledge articulation 32
Mark this record 10 Leadership for dynamic learning communities 29
Mark this record 11 Teacher conceptions of student engagement in learning : a phenomenographic investigation 29
Mark this record 12 Sustainable use of MOODLE as a learning management system within a school context 27
Mark this record 13 The pioneer legend of Frank Jardine 26
Mark this record 14 The recognition of marketing of spiritual tourism as a significant new area in leisure travel 26
Mark this record 15 Years 1-10 mathematics syllabus : support document (years 1-7) for Queensland primary schools 25
Mark this record 16 The construction of gender, sexuality and desire in Italo Calvino's works 25
Mark this record 17 The confluence of tree and reproductive plant water relations during floral and fruit development in macadamia 25
Mark this record 18 Institutional entrepreneurship and management control systems 25
Mark this record 19 Strategic project management for product innovation projects : how project strategy aligns project capabilities with project contingencies to drive project success 24
Mark this record 20 Embedding graduate attributes in law why, how, and is it working? / 24
Mark this record 21 Managing clumps of Dendrocalamus asper in Bukidnon, the Philippines 24
Mark this record 22 Effectiveness measurement of facilities layout 23
Mark this record 23 Getting it right assessment tasks and marking for capstone project courses / 22
Mark this record 24 Medical tourism quality for sustainability : a case study of India 22
Mark this record 25 Growing your own : building research capability in higher education 22
Mark this record 26 Analysing the impact of advertising in the soft drink market of Mauritius : the case study of Coca-Cola 22
Mark this record 27 Sustainable on-site system design for an ecotourism site 21
Mark this record 28 Models for the location of emergency facilities 21
Mark this record 29 Parametric studies on crashworthiness of Australian rolling stocks using multi-body dynamics modelling 21
Mark this record 30 Influence of Wasta within human resource practices in Lebanese universities 20
Mark this record 31 A continuous innovation framework : some thoughts for consideration 20
Mark this record 32 Democratisation and capacity building in coastal zone decision-making in Australia the application of stakeholder analysis and social mapping 20
Mark this record 33 Simulation of fluid velocity distribution inside the condenser waterbox of a power plant 20
Mark this record 34 Improvement of rail creep data to measure the stress state of a tangent continuously welded rail (CWR) track 20
Mark this record 35 An examination of the consumer buying behaviour of single-parent households 20
Mark this record 36 A MATLAB/Simulink model of a self excited induction generator for an electrical brake application 20
Mark this record 37 Strategies to remove barriers and increase motivation to use the Tablet PC in formative assessment 20
Mark this record 38 Wheel-rail wear investigation on a balloon loop track through simulation of slow speed wagon dynamics 19
Mark this record 39 Dynamic analysis of vehicle-track interface under train collision using multi-body dynamics 19
Mark this record 40 Derailment simulation on a passenger train at level crossing due to lateral collision with a heavy road vehicle 19
Mark this record 41 Apprenticeship to degree : the co-evolution of twentieth-century pharmacy practice and education from a Queensland and regional perspective 19
Mark this record 42 3D stress analysis of insulated rail joint 19
Mark this record 43 A model to estimate infrastructure damage costs for different train types 19
Mark this record 44 The impact of the global financial crisis on consumer behaviour 19
Mark this record 45 Wagon dynamics from a combination of faults and external forces 19
Mark this record 46 Queensland consumers' willingness to pay for electricity from renewable energy sources 19
Mark this record 47 Writing about food : significance, opportunities and professional identities 19
Mark this record 48 Modelling of voltage regulation issues in SWER systems using PSCAD/EMTDC 19
Mark this record 49 Cement calciner model development for optimizing the usage of alternative fuels 19
Mark this record 50 Nursing student perceptions of different assessment tasks implications for the introduction of new genres 19