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Add 1 Conservation focus on Europe major conservation policy issues that need to be informed by conservation science / 114124
Add 2 Oxygation unlocks yield potentials of crops in oxygen-limited soil environments 102995
Add 3 The postclassic populations of the Yucatan Peninsula : similarities and biological population patterns = Las poblaciones del posclasico en la Peninsula de Yucatan : afinidades biologicas y patrones poblacionales 19690
Add 4 Analysis of adaptive multi-hop time synchronization in large wireless sensor networks 17106
Add 5 Neural vs statistical classifier in conjunction with genetic algorithm based feature selection 15778
Add 6 A hybrid approach based on genetic algorithms in conjunction with statistical methods for the diagnosis of breast cancer 15624
Add 7 Male circumcision for HIV prevention in Papua New Guinea: A summary of research evidence and recommendations for public health following a National Policy Forum 14038
Add 8 Artificial neural network techniques for analysis of ion backscattering spectra 12163
Add 9 Construction of local gene network for revealing different liver function of rats fed deep-fried oil with or without resistant starch 11485
Add 10 Clinical outcome of preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening using next generation sequencing 11180
Add 11 A novel multiple experts and fusion based segmentation algorithm for cursive handwriting recognition 11127
Add 12 A Neural network based technique for automatic classification of road cracks 11072
Add 13 Mutant p53 cooperates with the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex to regulate VEGFR2 in breast cancer cells 10905
Add 14 Advances in in-cabin systems for the management of long trains 10768
Add 15 Psycho-social resilience, vulnerability and suicide prevention: Impact evaluation of a mentoring approach to modify suicide risk for remote Indigenous Australian students at boarding school 10240
Add 16 'Ngulluck Katitj Wah Koorl Koorliny / Us mob going along learning to research together': Drawing on action research to develop a literature review on Indigenous gendered health and wellbeing 9495
Add 17 A dynamic algorithm for stabilising LEDBAT congestion window 8916
Add 18 A neural-genetic algorithm for feature selection and breast abnormality classification in digital mammography 8901
Add 19 Effect of drought on small businesses in regional Queensland implications for sustainable regional development / 8446
Add 20 A Novel neural-genetic algorithm to find the most significant combination of features in digital mammograms 8369
Add 21 Transforming state tables to coloured petri nets for automatic verification of internet protocols 8353
Add 22 Regional socio economic consequences of coral bleaching due to climate change in the Great Barrier Reef 8261
Add 23 Impact of variability in data on accuracy and diversity of neural network based ensemble classifiers 8230
Add 24 GA-ANN based technique for face recognition : PCA features vs average grey level value features 7672
Add 25 In-flight sleep, pilot fatigue and Psychomotor Vigilance Task performance on ultra-long range versus long range flights. 7645
Add 26 Validation and factor analysis of the Child and Youth Resilience Measure for Indigenous Australian boarding school students 7489
Add 27 Machine learning techniques in handwriting recognition problems and solutions / 7381
Add 28 A hybrid classifier for mass classification with different kinds of features in mammography 7148
Add 29 A comparative experimental analysis of separate and combined facial features for GA-ANN based technique 7005
Add 30 Strengthening the capacity of education staff to support the wellbeing of Indigenous students in boarding schools: A participatory action research study 6849
Add 31 Bioinspired synthetic macroalgae examples from nature for antifouling applications / 6627
Add 32 An amperometric glucose biosensor with enhanced measurement stability and sensitivity using an artificially porous conducting polymer 6323
Add 33 Vygotsky, sociocultural concepts and drama in and for education [Introduction] / 5957
Add 34 Binary segmentation with neural validation for cursive handwriting recognition 5929
Add 35 A feature extraction technique for online handwriting recognition 5820
Add 36 Comparing data mining with ensemble classification of breast cancer masses in digital mammograms 5805
Add 37 Image descriptor a genetic programming approach to multiclass texture classification / 5755
Add 38 Genetic programming for algae detection in river images 5743
Add 39 The development of a survey instrument to assess Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ resilience and risk for self-harm 5686
Add 40 A novel texture feature based multiple classifier technique for roadside vegetation classification 5593
Add 41 Exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, experiences and perceptions of chronic health conditions in the greater Rockhampton region 5592
Add 42 A neural network based method to determine initial object positions for segmentation 5547
Add 43 Class-semantic color-texture textons for vegetation classification 5492
Add 44 Mango fruit on tree image collection 5298
Add 45 Roadside vegetation classification using color intensity and moments 5125
Add 46 No one's discussing the elephant in the room: Contemplating questions of research impact and benefit in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian health research 5036
Add 47 The characteristics, implementation and effects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health promotion tools: A systematic literature search 4831
Add 48 A modified direction feature for cursive character recognition 4760
Add 49 Rhetoric and reality: Critical perspectives on education in a 3D virtual world 4754
Add 50 Segment confidence-based binary segmentation (SCBS) for cursive handwritten words 4726
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