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Mark this record 1 Oxygation unlocks yield potentials of crops in oxygen-limited soil environments 4722
Mark this record 2 Contribution of core body temperature, prior wake time, and sleep stages to cognitive throughput performance during forced desynchrony 238
Mark this record 3 Performance evaluation of hybrid earth pipe cooling with horizontal piping system 232
Mark this record 4 Natural convection heat transfer in the partitioned attic space 193
Mark this record 5 Examining participant engagement in an information technology-based physical activity and nutrition intervention for men the Manup randomized controlled trial / 183
Mark this record 6 Woorabinda Youth Yarning Up 179
Mark this record 7 Are health behavior change interventions that use online social networks effective? A systematic review / 179
Mark this record 8 Examining the use of evidence-based and social media supported tools in freely accessible physical activity intervention websites 176
Mark this record 9 Effectiveness of a website and mobile phone based physical activity and nutrition intervention for middle-aged males trial protocol and baseline findings of the ManUp Study / 170
Mark this record 10 Geographic location, physical activity and perceptions of the environment in Queensland adults 165
Mark this record 11 Sleep, wake and phase dependent changes in neurobehavioral function under forced desynchrony 163
Mark this record 12 Investigating the relationship between leader behaviours and group cohesion within women’s walking groups 163
Mark this record 13 Developmental lessons from the Capricornia Arts Mob (CAM) 160
Mark this record 14 Integrated model of horizontal earth pipe cooling system for a hot humid climate 159
Mark this record 15 Low energy cooling technologies for sub-tropical/warm humid climate building systems 158
Mark this record 16 Second generation biodiesel potential alternative to-edible oil-derived biodiesel / 157
Mark this record 17 Performance assessment of earth pipe cooling system for low energy buildings in a subtropical climate 154
Mark this record 18 Simulation of building thermal performance in an institutional building in subtropical climate 149
Mark this record 19 Interindividual differences in neurobehavioral performance in response to increasing homeostatic sleep presure 146
Mark this record 20 Cement calciner model development for optimizing the usage of alternative fuels 143
Mark this record 21 Effectiveness of a Web- and mobile phone-based intervention to promote physical activity and healthy eating in middle-aged males: randomized controlled trial of the ManUp study 142
Mark this record 22 Passive cooling control strategies for energy efficency in a subtropical climate air conditioned building 142
Mark this record 23 Comparison of earth pipe cooling performance between two different piping systems 141
Mark this record 24 Emergency mental health triage models of care and future directions 140
Mark this record 25 The influence of circadian phase and prior wake on neuromuscular function 139
Mark this record 26 Research and information literacy at CQU an explanation of the attitudes of pre- and post-registration nursing students / 136
Mark this record 27 The validity of temperature-sensitive ingestible capsules for measuring core body temperature in laboratory protocols 135
Mark this record 28 Species richness and community structure on a high latitude reef : implications for conservation and management 135
Mark this record 29 Socio-economic differences in public opinion regarding water fluoridation in Queensland 135
Mark this record 30 Numerical modelling of hybrid vertical earth pipe cooling system 134
Mark this record 31 Engaging the practice of Indigenous yarning in action research 131
Mark this record 32 Effect of drought on small businesses in regional Queensland implications for sustainable regional development / 130
Mark this record 33 Wheel impacts at insulated rail joints 129
Mark this record 34 Improving wagon running safety predicting wagon instability in normal freight operations / 129
Mark this record 35 The efficacy of objective and subjective predictors of driving performance during sleep restriction and circadian misalignment 128
Mark this record 36 Impact response analysis of railway track structure using vehicle-track interaction modelling 128
Mark this record 37 SMARTER teamwork system for management, assessment, research, training, education, and remediation for teamwork / 128
Mark this record 38 First year registered nurses and delegation of duties 128
Mark this record 39 A review of the effectiveness of physical activity interventions for adult males 128
Mark this record 40 Effective clinical teaching : a contemporary approach to training the trainer 127
Mark this record 41 The association between physical activity, sitting time, sleep duration, and sleep quality, as correlates of presenteeism 127
Mark this record 42 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cookbooks promoting Indigenous foodways or reinforcing Western traditions? / 126
Mark this record 43 Performance analysis of vertical earth pipe cooling system for subtropical climate 123
Mark this record 44 Association of neighbourhood residence and preferences with the built environment, work-related travel behaviours, and health implications for employed adults findings from the URBAN study / 122
Mark this record 45 Modelling and simulation of the effects of passive cooling technologies on energy savings for building systems in subtropical climate 122
Mark this record 46 Goreen Narrkwarren Ngrn-toura health family a literature review / 121
Mark this record 47 Monitoring sustainability in the grains industry : a central Queensland pilot study / 120
Mark this record 48 Investigation on rail corrugation formation and consequential track impact response using vehicle-track interaction modelling 120
Mark this record 49 Socio-economic aspects of 2nd generation biofuels in Australia a review / 120
Mark this record 50 Associations between occupational indicators and total, work-based and leisure-time sitting a cross-sectional study / 117
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