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Mark this record 1 Oxygation unlocks yield potentials of crops in oxygen-limited soil environments 102706
Mark this record 2 Conservation focus on Europe major conservation policy issues that need to be informed by conservation science / 81420
Mark this record 3 The postclassic populations of the Yucatan Peninsula : similarities and biological population patterns = Las poblaciones del posclasico en la Peninsula de Yucatan : afinidades biologicas y patrones poblacionales 8374
Mark this record 4 Regional socio economic consequences of coral bleaching due to climate change in the Great Barrier Reef 7094
Mark this record 5 Effect of drought on small businesses in regional Queensland implications for sustainable regional development / 6925
Mark this record 6 Are health behavior change interventions that use online social networks effective? A systematic review 4236
Mark this record 7 Passive cooling control strategies for energy efficency in a subtropical climate air conditioned building 3696
Mark this record 8 Modelling and simulation of the effects of passive cooling technologies on energy savings for building systems in subtropical climate 3679
Mark this record 9 Simulation of building thermal performance in an institutional building in subtropical climate 3657
Mark this record 10 Performance evaluation of hybrid earth pipe cooling with horizontal piping system 3527
Mark this record 11 Low energy cooling technologies for sub-tropical/warm humid climate building systems 3324
Mark this record 12 Natural convection heat transfer in the partitioned attic space 3313
Mark this record 13 Integrated model of horizontal earth pipe cooling system for a hot humid climate 3209
Mark this record 14 Analysis of adaptive multi-hop time synchronization in large wireless sensor networks 3137
Mark this record 15 Climate change : how real is it, the issues and implications? 3006
Mark this record 16 Contribution of core body temperature, prior wake time, and sleep stages to cognitive throughput performance during forced desynchrony 2830
Mark this record 17 Performance assessment of earth pipe cooling system for low energy buildings in a subtropical climate 2823
Mark this record 18 SMARTER teamwork system for management, assessment, research, training, education, and remediation for teamwork / 2804
Mark this record 19 Climate change and the need for a regional approach to water governance a central Queensland case study / 2722
Mark this record 20 Comparison of earth pipe cooling performance between two different piping systems 2719
Mark this record 21 Second generation biodiesel potential alternative to-edible oil-derived biodiesel / 2703
Mark this record 22 The Fitzroy contaminants project a study of the nutrient and fine-sediment dynamics of the Fitzroy Estuary and Keppel Bay / 2685
Mark this record 23 Promoting child and family resilience to disasters effects, interventions, and prevention effectiveness / 2674
Mark this record 24 Accelerated full scale fatigue testing of a small composite wind turbine blade using a mechanically operated test rig 2546
Mark this record 25 Assisted reproductive technology (ART) nursing practice towards a greater understanding / 2542
Mark this record 26 Numerical modelling of hybrid vertical earth pipe cooling system 2536
Mark this record 27 Construction of local gene network for revealing different liver function of rats fed deep-fried oil with or without resistant starch 2503
Mark this record 28 Keeping balance under change : a tough job for coal employees? 2485
Mark this record 29 Investigating knowledge construction in organisational and educational contexts : a social constructivist perspective 2468
Mark this record 30 Effectiveness of a website and mobile phone based physical activity and nutrition intervention for middle-aged males trial protocol and baseline findings of the ManUp Study / 2373
Mark this record 31 Observer-based output tracking control for a class of linear networked control systems 2372
Mark this record 32 Performance analysis of vertical earth pipe cooling system for subtropical climate 2365
Mark this record 33 Kozier and Erb's fundamentals of nursing / 2283
Mark this record 34 China's urban space development under market socialism / 2206
Mark this record 35 Emergency mental health triage models of care and future directions 2167
Mark this record 36 Losing ‘Nemo’ bleaching and collection appear to reduce inshore populations of anemonefishes / 2165
Mark this record 37 SMARTER teamwork system for management, assessment, research, training, education, and remediation for teamwork / 2113
Mark this record 38 Intranet : how is business intelligence stored in a data warehouse? 2100
Mark this record 39 Bioinspired synthetic macroalgae examples from nature for antifouling applications / 2095
Mark this record 40 Numerical modeling of vertical earth pipe cooling system for hot and humid subtropical climate 2073
Mark this record 41 Global research priorities to mitigate plastic pollution impacts on marine wildlife 2037
Mark this record 42 Improving wagon running safety predicting wagon instability in normal freight operations / 2036
Mark this record 43 Fuzzy logic based environmental indicator for sustainability assessment of renewable energy system using life cycle assessment 2017
Mark this record 44 Examining participant engagement in an information technology-based physical activity and nutrition intervention for men the Manup randomized controlled trial / 2017
Mark this record 45 Examining the use of evidence-based and social media supported tools in freely accessible physical activity intervention websites 1975
Mark this record 46 Coral community data of the Wide Bay - Burnett coastal fringing reefs 1969
Mark this record 47 A rationalised curriculum of computer education for university students in natural sciences in China 1965
Mark this record 48 Identification, impacts, and prioritisation of emerging contaminants present in the GBR and Torres Strait marine environments 1894
Mark this record 49 Study and analysis of risks at railway level crossings 1876
Mark this record 50 Piglets cloned from induced pluripotent stem cells 1867
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